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Voyages: Scientific Circumnavigations 1679 to 1859
United States Exploring Expedition 1838-1842
The Wilkes expedition emerged from the south polar regions to explore New Zealand and the Fiji Islands. The naturalists were especially fascinated by the birds of Fiji.



Aprosmictus Splendens and
Aprosmictus Personatus
(Fiji Islands) Parrots

from John Cassin's
United States Exploring Expedition.
During the Years 1838-1842.
Under the Command of Charles Wilkes…
Mammalogy and Ornithology
Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1858

Peale wrote that this beautiful bird
"was found inhabiting the shores of Peale’s River, in the Island of Viti Levu (Great Feejee), and first attracted our attention by its remarkable flight as it passed the open spaces in the forest or crossed the river. It flaps its wings three times and then soars a short distance, repeating at each soar its cry, cay-au, cay-au."

Wilkes: Page 4 of 6.
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