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Voyages: Scientific Circumnavigations 1679 to 1859
Voyage of Vaillant 1836-1837

Running Aground in the Hawaiian Islands

from Voyage Autour du Monde:
Exécutée Pendant les Années 1836 et 1837
sur la Corvette la Bonite….
Paris: Arthus Bertrand, 1840-66

The goals of the expedition included an examination of the nature and extent of the commercial activities of the Hawaiian Islands. In one portion of the report of Vaillant’s voyage, researchers gathered together existing data about all of the commercial ships that anchored at Honolulu, Hawaii, from 1830 to 1835. They reported that there were three times as many whaling ships as ships carrying merchandise, and the number of ships per year totaled about one hundred.


Vaillant describes several violent hurricanes witnessed by the crew while visiting the Hawaiian Islands. In spite of the difficulties in anchoring there, the islands were visited by ships from many nations by this time. Countries sending ships there for trade included England, France, Belgium, Chile, Mexico, the United States, and New Zealand.


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