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Voyages: Scientific Circumnavigations 1679 to 1859
Kotzebue’s Expedition 1815-1818

Butterflies from the voyages of the Rurick

from from Entdeckungs-Reise in de Süd See und Nach
der Berings-Strasse zur Erforschung
Einer Nordöstlichen Durchfahrt:
Weimar: Hoffmann, 1821


Frederick Enshscholtz, naturalist for the Kotzebue expedition, was able to record several butterflies that he observed during the voyage as new species. The volume includes several plates illustrating his specimens. He named one after his captain, one after his ship, and one after another naturalist on the expedition, Adelbert von Chamisso, who was a celebrated poet as well as a student of natural history.


This plate illustrates the "Vanessa Tameamea" butterfly, named after "Tamaahmaah, the great hero, and first king of all the Sandwich Islands [Hawaiian Islands]." (Figure on top left shows the top of the butterfly’s wings, and figure on center left shows the same specimen with its wings closed.) "Apatura Rarick," shown on bottom left, was named after "Rarick, one of the chiefs of Romanzoff’s group [Marshall Islands], who first approached us with tokens of friendship."


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