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Voyages: Scientific Circumnavigations 1679 to 1859
Kotzebue’s Expedition 1815-1818

Kotzebue records his impressions of Hawaii upon coming ashore:

"On an artificial elevation, stood the Morai [palace] of the king, surrounded by large wooden statues of the gods… The back-ground of this valley is formed by the high, majestic Mouna Wororay… its ascent is varied by green fields and vales, with beautiful woods, between which you frequently perceive very large and overhanging rocks of lava."



View of the Royal Morai in the Bay of Ti-utatoo,
on the Island of Owyhee [Hawaii]

both images from
Entdeckungs-Reise in de Süd See und Nach
der Berings-Strasse zur Erforschung
Einer Nordöstlichen Durchfahrt:
Weimar: Hoffmann, 1821.


Tamaahmaah, King of the
Sandwich Islands [Hawaiian Islands]


This king (whose name is also spelled Kamehameha), lived from 1736 to 1819, and succeeded the king who ruled during Cook's visit. He was respected internationally for his leadership abilities, his successful diplomatic relationships with other nations, and the fleet of ships which he purchased and used for overseas trade to benefit his people. Kotzebue met with him at length during his visit, and described their first encounter:

"A number of islanders, armed with muskets stood on the shore; the king came to meet us… with some of his most distinguished warriors, and when we got out of the boat he came up to me, and cordially shook me by the hand…I now stood at the side of the celebrated Tamaahmaah, who had attracted the attention of all Europe, and who inspired me with the greatest confidence by his unreserved and friendly behavior."

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