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Voyages: Scientific Circumnavigations 1679 to 1859
  Duperrey's Voyage 1822-1825
The expedition spent only two weeks in New Guinea, mostly along the northern coast. Duperrey explored the interior of the island of Waigeo, off that coast. Members of the crew met some of the inhabitants of the island, and were invited to visit their bamboo homes. Lesson collected several specimens of natural history there.

This small marsupial was found on Waigeo Island. Upon the expedition’s return, the great naturalist Georges Cuvier was impressed by the number of specimens that Lesson was able to collect during his brief stay in New Guinea. Live animals from that country that survived the trip back to Europe included a boar and a kangaroo.


Couscous à grosse queue, fem. (Waigeo Island)

Voyage Autour du Monde…
sur la Corvette…La Coquille Pendant les Années 1822-1825:
Paris: Arthus Bertrand, 1825-39.

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