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Voyages: Scientific Circumnavigations 1679 to 1859
Bibliography: Secondary Sources
Primary Sources  

Bibliography of secondary sources consulted:

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Note: The Lion and the Unicorn Press broke through the time barrier for the first time in bringing a selection of the botanical plates from Cook's voyage to the public after two centuries. Richly inked and handsomely produced on excellent paper, the twenty-nine plates in this beautiful publication are produced exactly as Banks had intended.

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Note: Joseph Banks oversaw the prepartion of 700 copperplates of plants from Cook's first voyage. His insistence upon the highest standards of excellence resulted in accurate and spectacular representations of the original specimens. Financial and other obstactles prevented the complete collection of plates from being printed for two centuries. Alecto Historical Publications achieved stunning success in delivering Banks' vision to the world, and added color according to the original watercolors and notes of artist Sydney Parkinson.

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